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This beautiful home was originally built in 1923 in the Houston Heights. In 2014 the new homeowner moved the home to a new lot and began renovations. After a few years of DIY the homeowner decided it was time to bring in the professionals for a full overhaul of the kitchen and bathroom and an extensive update to the exterior. 


On this project we tore the bathroom down to the studs and the only item remaining was the amazing original steel tub. After raising the ceiling height and rearranging the overall layout this bathroom really opened up and became a focal point in the home.

The kitchen had been remodeled sometime in the 70s and the homeowner loved the unique cabinetry that appears to be made of solid hardwood. We moved the placement of the stove to allow for a much more open concept and a beautiful new island while maintaining the charm of the original cabinets. 

On the exterior we changed out the doors, rebuilt front and back porch, and replaced roof. With a full acre of space available for the landscaping the options were endless. A lush cottage garden wraps the this historic home and creates a feeling of warmth and and nestalgia. 

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